East London Getting Its Own Las Vegas MSG Sphere

Stratford might be getting a MSG sphere like the one in Las Vegas opened by U2 last weekend

Concept image of the MSG sphere with the London Eye in the background

You might have seen the footage of the MSG Sphere opening with the U2 concert in Las Vegas last weekend, but did you know there are plans to build a similar sphere in Stratford?

U2 play first gig at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Channel 5 News

Now, as a potential visitor I am excited! It looks like an amazing experience and saves me a flight to Las Vegas.

However I can understand the concerns of local residents. Imagine your living room lit up by the light of this 110m+ giant led sphere shining through your windows. And who knows what kind of ads they will be running.  They'll probably be animated so I can imagine it could be quite distracting.

However, isn't this building a true marvel of this century? I don't think we have ever come closer to experiencing what it must have been like to first lay eyes on the Pyramids for example - back in the BC.

Now imagine living next to a landmark like that. You have to be openminded to see the potential. Think of the Parisians lucky enough to have an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower - that could be you my Stratfordians!

Some more impressive facts about the $2.3BN Las Vegas Sphere, by Top Luxury on Youtube

What do you think? Would you be worried about the value of your home living in the vicinity of this sphere or would you jump at the opporunity to charge a premium on Airbnb? And would you like to visit? If so, what kind of shows would you like to see? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!